Cold War: Photos From Our Special Screening

On the 13th February we enjoyed an extra special screening of Paweł Pawlikowski’s Oscar nominated Cold War.

The film is an emotive love story set in 1950s Poland, Berlin, Yugoslavia, and Paris. Two individuals from wildly different backgrounds form a romance in a time of social unease.

The event was held at Olympic Studios in Barnes and we were joined by the director of Film4 - and executive producer - Daniel Battsek.

It was an unprecedented chance to discuss the awards season (especially the Oscars), cinema in the modern age of Hollywood, and many other topics.

All of which led to some fantastic photo opportunities! You can see the very best of these below.

Cold War Screening

Mr. Battsek introduced Cold War to the audience at the famous Olympic Studios cinema. There was then a full screening, with the the night rounded off with an on-stage discussion about the film and the future of cinema.

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