Write For Us: Analyse & Discuss Modern Film

Thought provoking, unique, and progressive film discussion are what our festival stands for. And we’re looking to make our blog a hub of diverse conversation.

Can you add to the debate about modern cinema?

What We’re Looking For

We like topics that challenge the world of cinema in positive ways, helping to shape a creative future for the industry in, around, and beyond London.

If you’re looking to add to your student portfolio, discuss your work as a director, or debate the life out of a topic close to your heart, we want to hear from you.

Think about topics such as:

  • The role of women in the industry.

  • LGTB issues.

  • The current state of Hollywood.

  • Independent cinema.

  • The impact of streaming services on film.

  • Climate change and the environment.

  • Breaking into the industry.

  • The future of film.

Into our fourth year, Barnes Film Festival is at the forefront of pushing cinematic boundaries. Recent seismic shifts in Hollywood have demanded sweeping change, pushing forward diversity to shake up the stale old formula.

We’re celebrating this movement by focussing on emerging talent as we enter a new era of cinema. One that’s calling out for new creative concepts and a wider range of contributions.

But one that’s also evolving as Netflix, YouTube, and an array of new devices transform our viewing experience away from the big screen.

Get in Touch

Want to have your say? Drop us a line with a few samples of your work, plus an explanation why you’d like to write for our film festival. Contact us with Blog Contributor in the subject header to get our attention!

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